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Mh friend Bart is in town this weekend.  Normally he brings his Pinarello with him, but he’s focusing on overall fitness this year.  The crazy thing about Bart, the thing I love, is he’s all about accelerating the learning process.  Whatever he’s into he finds the best coach and goes all in.

But it’s better than that.

I’m a questioner and he’s a learner.

Bart, why can’t you eat sardines?  I don’t know, he says, coach wants me to eat everything on this list.  That’s how he progresses so fast.  He hires the best… doubt not, just do it!

His body has totally changed.  The gut (what gut he had) is gone.  He’s 43.  He’s much muscle-ier.  Todd, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and I’ve lost 10 pounds.  (I’m thinking, dam!… me want.)

What’s awesome for me is, he’s done LoToJa 5 times with great results and this year he’s not doing it – not riding enough.  Which means… he’s gonna teach me his secrets AND be my support on race day.  Yep!

Hope I can keep my mouth shut.

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