IS THERE A GOOFIER WORD, HARDER TO SPELL FOR A 'MERICANS THAN DERAILLEUR?  How the heck has that word survived so long in its funked up french form?  No matter. 'Cept that when I went to spell it today it reminded me of derailled rookie RaceDays.

Friends... there are things rookies do that ya just can't 'xplain.  And we try and ignore 'em and pretend we never did 'em.

But we did.

Fer sher.

The one that just kills me is watching RookieRacer put in all that time training, spend all that coin on a nice rig, getting the team race clothes, traveling to the big race and it all goes kapoof because they didn't tend to prepping their bike.

"Suddenly" their bike...

won't shift
won't stop
has a flat
has a wobbly wheel
grips spin on the bars
saddle falls off

... oh, it's endless, and it could all be avoided with a simple RaceTune.

Of course many rookies know this but wait until the day before their race do the RaceTune only to find out...

the mechanic is too busy
the parts are out of stock
the work was done but no time to test it and find out it's still not fixed

... so sad, and avoidable.

Here's how to do it proper.

Get your RaceTune ten days before, including any new parts.  That way you have time to test the mechanic's work, test the new parts, test the set up.  Leave yourself time.

The day before the big race is when you'll do a little detail work.  Make your bike pretty.  Do the final lubing.  

What's a RaceTune include?

Bike wash
Overall wear inspection - Brakes, tires, cables, etc
Drive train detail and lube - ultrasonic chain clean, pulleys and cassette degrease
Check bottom bracket
|Tubeless tire inspection/refill
Wheel truing
Brake and derailleur adjustments
Safety check – bolt tightening

In other words, your bike is going to be ready to slay the day!

What's it cost?

We charge $99.99, unless you're part of the PEDALposse.

Check it out

Every dollar spent gets you an entry into -> Ultimate RaceDay Bag™ Giveaway


164.2 lbs
PushUps and PullUps
7.5 hours sleep

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