MY HAIR IS GROWING OUT, on my legs and on my head.

The legs, to remind me it’s off-season.

The hair, to keep me warm as the days shorten and cool.

None of that will matter tomorrow on the famed Donut Ride.  I’ll be new, hairy-legged guy… and hairy legs are the signal to all the world: I’m new and have no clue.

No one will talk to me.

No one will give me space up front.

No one will want to be within 10′ of me.

And that’s okay, but for a true cycling noob it’s terrible treatment… and the noob will have no idea why it goes down that way.  She just rides home and says screw that crew… wait, what girl has hairy legs in CA?  … he just rides home …

I’m sticking around till nighttime to go to the other world-famous cycling event, The South Bay Cycling Awards.  My nature will be to go wallflower, wonder why I’m there at all, hang around the fringe and shyly sip the essence of Seth’s scene.

Can’t blame the hairy legs on that… but, these guys are pretty scary.