THE NEW SCALE IS DIGITAL, as was it’s predecessor.

Each morning I stumble over, strip, and step aboard… just like I did with the old scale.  The naked, first light check-in is the only way I know to keep my weight  checked.

If the number is under 170 Toddybehappy, over and Toddybelesshappy… same feelings as with the old scale.

Wait, that’s not really true.  This new scale is meaner.

The old scale was heavy, make of glass.  It’s heft gave a sense of sureness and accuracy.  The readout produced dark gray numbers that seemed to float in the air… kind of a whisper for the eyes to interpret.

The new scale is lite, and made of plastic.  It seems shallow, and quick to judge.  The numbers it generates are a heartless-red, suspended in black… burning the truth, leaving nothing to doubt.

Days like today weigh a lot more than they used to.