Dirty 30 Pre-Ride, Post-Ride

The Dirty 30 is a really fun course.  And it’s hard… ’bout 1400′ of climbin’ per 9 mile lap, with a fair amount of single-track.

Pre-riding  a race course – like we done today – can give ya a huge advantage on race day… ‘specially if the promoter likes yer idea of a little race course modification after everybody done their pre-ridin’.

—–> Did I just pat myself on the back? Do I really talk like that?<—-

Here are a few things we learnt.

Y’all prolly figgerd snot really 30 miles: 8.9 miles per lap times 3 laps aint 30.

Which means it’s gonna take ya 10% less time than ya was countin’ on.

The first coupla miles are wide with some stout rollers, and flow into fun downhill with switch backs and off camber turns.

Theres an 18″ drop off at the bottom… do NOT slow down like the guy who banged up his shoulder and limped home… hit that thing, it’s nothing.

Next is up is a little rocky climb with 1 good line.  Could be conga time on the first lap – this is why I race expert – not because I have a chance at winning – I wanna be ahead a ya.

We were gonna be crossin’ the trail of a later part of the course next, but Brownie said let’s turn right here – so now ya know ’bout the change.  Turn right, and it’s a straight bomb down to a lollypop and back up to another right hander.

Gear down, short nasty ahead.

Yer ’bout 1/2 done now, gonna be doing some false flat climbing.

Drink.  Eat.

Super fun single track ahead.

Plan to have a stupid grin on your face.  It’s that fun.  Enjoy it.  Because it’s going upside down.

Ya have a hideous 5-10 minute thigh buster ahead.  Straight up. Fire road.  I doubt y’all be doin’ much fuelin’.

At the summit…

ya gasp fer air… gag on yer drink… choke on yer bar… do it again.

Yeah.  So that’s it.

We had some tasty Mexican food at Don Pollo‘s after.  It’s classic and yummy, and not franchise food.  Have you ever noticed places like Don Pollo’s fail in strip malls and thrive in funky locations?

Got home, unloaded.

Was thinking about cleaning Black Beauty after her work out when Trevor said let’s go surfing.  The car is loaded.


We drive down… well, I’m driving and he starts texting.  I can’t resist – I’m that dad – who are you texting?  (swore me to secrecy).  What are you texting about – I’m that dad – Oh, we were supposed to go surfing.  So, I was back up? (I’m that dad).  Then she calls and he puts some distance between us (I’m definitely that dad).

It was still great.  Trevor used to be my main riding buddy, but he’s back to surfing and girls.  I love catching up with my kid when he’s around.

Wing Stop was next.  We chatted more about his first 6 months of working, and about surfing Mexico next swell.

I’m lucky – I’m that dad.

Discussing cross traffic and waiting on downed rider
Discussing cross traffic and waiting on downed rider


Don Pollo's... muy sabroso.
Don Pollo’s… muy sabroso.