YOU CAN'T TEACH CYCLESENSE.  As we descended down towards the stop sign it became apparent one rider was going to go straight and the rest of were turning.  My cyclesense could feel it a few hundred meters or so prior to the impending doom.  But newguy wasn't feeling it, nor was mr.goingstraight.  For me, it was like watching a slow motion train wreck... finally at 50 meters I couldn't take it, and blurted out something like... 


The only way to develop cyclesense is to ride a lot.

Fortunately for me, one of my best friends is kinda like Mr. Magoo... totally absentminded and after nearly taking me out many times on a ride I not only explicitly tell him we're turning, but I also use hand signals. All those near misses developed my cyclesense for the above scenario.

Cyclesense like a superpower that you forget you have until you get around a rider with an undeveloped cyclesense.

The problem is how to tell whose got it and who doesn't.

Here are a few tells:

  • Arms locked straight
  • Sprinting like a puppy, wasting energy
  • Poor fitting gear

Not that looking stylish, having good form and playing it cool are a guaranty you'll live to ride again... they aren't.

Nor is casually asking How long you been ridin'?

Really the best way to know is to develop your own cyclesense by riding a lot.  Trust me, it will rarely lead you astray.  In groups, on treacherous trails, in traffic, on gravel... it all strengthens and combines to protect you.

You know what else will protect you and look stylish?

A fine, fine helmet from Italy... whether you need an aero, all around or offroad specific solution these are my faves.

Sometimes there's nothing like a new helmet.

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