Confident, Doubtful and Scared

The moment before you sign up for anything the confidence is high.  Then you sign up.  A momentary panic.  It’s real.  You’re committed, and you might fail.  In a bike race that could be failure to go fast, or even finish.  What to do?

My dad used to say (he still does), “Todd, you’ll have all the time you want to do all things you want if you’ll… Plan your work and work your plan.”  Bike racers need to have a training plan and follow it.

When PViddy and I were training for Leadville we’d get all panicky the week before, then look at ourselves and say “Trust your training”.  He’s an actual Olympic Gold Medalist, which is a little more weighty than high school varsity tennis.

Having a training partner is ginormous: accountability, sounding board, friendship and confidence.  Going it alone is heroic, but probably increases likelihood of failure 10X.

The event might be a long way off.  You get busy with your plan, and you gain confidence.  Maybe you have a testing day, things go well, you get more confident.

As the date gets closer, I get less confident.  Should I add some new gizmo? Change my diet? What about tire pressure?

The doubts creep in, bloom and scatter more seeds of doubt.

Trust your training… it’s like weed killer for doubts.

Confidence returns.

The morning of of the race, I often think Heck, I don’t even know if I want to do this… I don’t even care… I’ll probably fail.

The gun goes and whadaya know?… The training kicks in.  I feel okay.  A little confidence returns.

Some days, are just magical.  It all comes together.  The doubts are gone.  The confidence is full, and as the finish line approaches the Killer Instinct is on the prowl.

In the ride of your life, what should you be signing up for and seeing through to the finish?  What are you afraid to make happen?  What is calling your soul to do?

Make it happen… we’re counting on you to share your greatness.

no try