MY BUDDY MIKE ASKED HOW MY BLOG WAS GOING.  Before I could answer, he said he wanted to do that LaJa ride. 

My look kept him trying...  


And trying... 

LaTa, it's a ride from Wyoming to Colorado.

Oh, LoToJa... It's Logan, UT to Jackson Hole.  200 miles.

Yeah, I want to do that.

Well, you better start riding.

But, what do I do?

Read my blog (he asked).  Start with Base Miles.  Do you have a bike?

Yes, I do.

I could tell he was doing and mental inventory of his vast collection of bike gear.  He mumbled... bike, attach cleats to shoes, helmet, shorts... not shirt with long zipper...

I don't have one of those shirts with the long zipper.

We sell those (he asked, again).  So we went to our site on his iPad.  I showed him the blog.  He subscribed, which reminded me I need to start emailing posts to subscribers.

He clicked on the dropdown menu and then I realized...
How guilty I am of using code words instead of English.

Here's his interpretation of our shiny new website:

Kits... what are those bike parts?  No Mike, that's what we call the jerseys and bibs.  (Jeez, that was a huge miss on my part).

Bibs, the suspender thingies?  I'm not wearing those.  You will, once start riding and want maximum comfort.  (Another miss, not explaining how nice bibs are... and also not having shorts without braces as an option to get guys like Mike started.)

RaceDay Bags... I won't need that.  You will, if you to be organized and make your life really simple.  (Another miss?... should we re-name the bag, or just the category?)

Canopies... what are those?  He clicked and said,  Oh EZUPs.

Should I ditch the code words?... I don't think so.  I think it's cool when people like Mike figure out the code words.  They feel in the know, part of something special...

The coolest code word is the one we'll work on first,
because Lo-To-Ja is code for I'm a badass,
and to be a badass on a bike,
You need to start with,
Let's go for a spin.

Save the dates:  HUNKR 3/17, 6/9, 11/10 – TMWC 7/10