Chris Carmichael: What I Learned

pic w crhis

When I planned this years SoCal Cycling Summit I was truly excited to have America’s best known cycling coach on board: Chris Carmichael.

As the event neared, and more and more negative press came out regarding Lance, I was a little worried.  Some sponsors didn’t want to be involved because of the association between Chris and Lance.  Some people said the same thing.

Fortunately, this has never been about sponsors it’s been about us and our desirie to bring the best and brightest to our town to kick off our season and further connect this community we all love.

So, while I respect and get those decisions, I pressed on because I wanted to hear from the man that legitimized professional cycling coaching and has been a true pioneer, the guy who has a thriving business in an industry known to run on financial fumes, the guy who’s coaches have helped people I know personally to reach peak potential.

Here’s what I learned:

First I learned that Chris is a very humble, soft spoken, thoughtful human being.

He’s very, very smart.

All our interactions were professional, with a uncommon kindness and gratitude.

He has tremendous vision, and consequently a good feel for what works.

Chris’ story telling skills are great, and this is where he really lit up his presentation.
The stories from inside the pro peloton  were hilarious.  I reveled in his accounts of the early 7-11 days, the days that inspired me to try the road myself while living in Utah so far away from my surfing life.

During the evening, as I drifted between those accounts woven into real-life cycling advice and my own pressures to pull off a good event I learned Chris is a good guy to have involved, and a good guy to keep an eye on.  Genuine inspiration and hope shined on the faces of my friends as they allowed the pressures of life to move to the back and the dreams of a moment or two of personal cycling triumphs to be front and center.  It’s good.

Of course, I also learned a ton of stuff about the Time Crunched Cyclist… but you can read the book for that.

Three cheers to all who attended, helped, sponsored, and supported.

Now, go ride your bike!