Chasing the dream with Joe Friel

For years, I’ve dreamt of having the best and brightest in cycling come to Orange County and share the treasures in their minds.

I’m a reader by nature.

But seeing and hearing is believing they say… and seeing and hearing a great speaker LIVE can allow their written message so much further into our minds and hearts.

So, what the heck. I picked up the phone and called Joe Friel, and he answered the line. (Side Note: Joe is the author of the wildly popular Training Bible series).

“Yes, I’d love to come to California in January.”

Mind you, it aint free to get a sought after author to travel out of state so there was a little more incentive than just my charming SoCal surf talk.

Well now, where to have it? Turns out, last 12-31 I put on a ride for my friends called the Endo. Just so happens on that ride I get to meet another childhood hero who happens to have some sort of clout at Oakley. OK, he’s major… and so majorly humble, I’ll keep his name on the downlow. Anyhow, he says

“Yes, we’d love to have Joe Friel speak at our super awesome and amazing building” (my hyperbole).

Well, how do you like that? No really, how DO you like that?

I hope a lot, because I’ve just committed myself big time.

In a perfect world, and this is seeming pretty darn perfect, you’ll all have a great time, learn a bunch, and we’ll have a solid enough turn out to bring in some other wonderful speakers.

Gotta love it –>