Cat D – Let Them Dope and Race

Fighting doping is a loser. Let’s roll with it.

Keep testing, and those that get caught just move on to a new category called Category D.

No bans, no suspensions, no returning after time served. Keep racing boys and girls. Are you pro? Cat 2? Masters super star?  We have a league and level playing field for you.

Cat D will grow the sport.

Body building gave up a long, long time ago. They have doped and natural competitions. It’s a bigger market place.  Conversely, NFL, NBA, WWE all turn a blind eye. But they aren’t lifelong sports like body building and cycling.  Cat D will extend blown careers, maybe indefinitely.

Cat D will bring in new sponsor dollars.

New sponsorship dollars will flow in for Cat D products. No more shadow doctors, now the DR. Fuentes of the world can advertise. No more mystery drugs, the makers of Clenbuterol can have the coveted butt panel on racing bibs.

Cat D will give hope.

As Cat D heroes race for decades and extend their careers beyond rediculous, drug makers will have new heroes to give real hope to the aging and decrepit.

I woke up from a bad dream once that I had cancer.  At the end, I was stoked because Lance had shown that restored, even improved, performance was a reality.

Cat D will save money.

No more testing and re-busting previous dopers. We can concentrate resources on keeping the natural racers honest.

Send the Cat D racers off first on the race course. Doped to the gills, they can blast down the road at moto speed and clear the path for natural racers to follow. Okay, that’s a stretch but we can get faster motos with their own doping product sponsors.

Cat D will create genuine interest again.

Cycling is a lifelong sport, and most of us aren’t willing to risk our health, so our “natural” interest will ideally be on the natural Pro’s competition.

The natural results will be more attainable and something a youngster could actually hope to achieve and therefore see a future for themselves in the sport.

Cat D fans, like WWF fans, will exist and thrive and not be mocked as fools. Their heroes – Lance and Tyler and Roberto and Eddie and… will race on, and be cheered on.

Think I’m nuts?  Think about it, really think about it.

Cat D: Dope on, Do what you want, Don’t stop racing.