Can’t Touch That

old-stuffSee that old light? That mostly used tire? That old thermal vest? That old helmet?… Keep ’em all, until they are a minimum of two upgrades behind.

They’ll be needed.

When you can’t find your good light, like I can’t right now at 8pm when the local bike shop is closed, it’s so nice to find an older/weaker light that still works.

When you wake up to a flat tire with a slashed sidewall… it’s good to have a back up with a little life left in it.

When you commit to ride to the top of Saddleback on Thanksgiving and it’s that one super cold day, it’s good to have a thermal vest you mostly never wear.

When you have a friend in town who forgot their helmet, it’s good to have your old salty lid.

So when the love of you life wants to pitch your box of…

…”what’s this for?”…

you’ve got to say with confidence…

“Can’t touch that.”