Broken bones, what are friends for?

My daughter’s friends tracked us down at 9pm Saturday night. We were just starting dinner, she had just finished a poorly executed trampoline-powered back flip.

“We don’t want to alert you, but Shelby might have a broken arm.”

It’s a brave call to make, especially when I know if it wasn’t broken she would be making that call herself.

Susie, Trevor and I rescued our red-eyed little girl and sister from Big Air. At Mission Hospital, we confirmed the humorous was cracked all the way through. The staff was awesome.

Friends can push us beyond our limits. That can be good and bad, and it takes a while to know which one.

Having a trampoline in the back yard for 15 years didn’t prepare her for going beyond her limits. She’s a gifted dancer, and no doubt with thorough instruction she will go back and master the back flip.

Eastwood said it best, “a man has got to know his limitations.”

Sunday those same friends visited in droves, expressing sympathy and sharing cakes and candy and hugs.

Real friends challenge us, and help us pick up the broken pieces.