Brett is one of those guys that you are pretty sure is completely full of that brown stuff that comes out of the back end of a bull.  We met in college, socially.  I got into riding, he said he knew a thing or two… that he was Specialized first sponsored racer.  “BS!”

To this day, I sprint and practice sprinting the way he taught me.  He wasn’t even riding then, but would drive out to the old airport in Provo… and teach me.  Get my rpm’s up, then shift, get the rpm’s up in the bigger gear and do it again.  We talked positioning and timing the final sprint.  Not a taskmaster, just a friend sharing wisdom.

I started winning.

He laughed at my Cannondale touring bike and told me to buy a Gios.  A what?  A Gios with Campagnolo Super Record is the only bike to race on.  BS!

I saved all summer, ordered it from 10 Speed Drive.  Took the parts and frame to the local bike shop… they freaked out.  A Gios!

The Gios blue was amazing, and people that actually knew something drooled over it.

We connected about 10 years after leaving higher education.  He said he’d been hanging out with Eddy Merckx.  BS!

Yes, he had.  In fact he’d started collecting Eddy’s jerseys and they’d become friends.  Eddy introduced him to other old-time racers and Brett started buying their jerseys and old photos and memorabilia too.

The Horton Collection is recognized as one of the largest and best collections of cycling history in the world.  Before you say BS, check it out.

He has a few bikes too, one is his own Specialized with a #1 stamped in the frame and a one-page contract from M.S.