BRETT AND I MET UP TODAY FOR MEXICAN FOOD... We meet up most years for a Christmas lunch, where he regales me with his latest meeting with cycling big shots.

Today he shared the crazy story of scheduling a $4,000,000 print press for a very small run of limited lithos on paper that cost $12/sheet.

The plan was to print them early then have a nice trip to Europe where Bernard Hinault and Roger De Vlaeminck would then personal many of them and sign the rest... as would the original photographer.

Ah plans... in a nutshell, they printed a month behind schedule and the planned working vacation turned to a world championship race against time.

One offshoot was asking Hinault who he admired as a kid racer... his answer:  Merckx.  Another was discovering cycling gear openly hanging to dry in Hinault's house.  In other words, the gods are a lot like us... fan boys (and girls) who wash their own clothes - just a helluva a lot faster.

Want more proof of their humanness?  

They also have their spouses do their bottle handups. 

In this heretofore unpublished photograph, De Vlaemicnk's wife is caught in running in high heels extending a bottle of champagne.  Roger's reaction when he saw the pics:  Nice legs!

If you want one of these beautiful lithos, I'll cover the shipping.


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