EVEN A BLIND SQUIRREL FINDS A NUT EVERY NOW AND THEN.  My friend Glenn taught me that, and I was reminded of it last night.  There I was, first time on the new road bike...

... and I go All Blind Squirrel.

Now, I don't normally do this.  Certainly not in a race... 

... but, maybe I should?

There I am, feeling a little spicy.  I'd been out for a few test rides, always on my "easy" days and never really hit it hard.

Well, you know how that new bike feeling can make ya go kinda crazy right?

That was me.

Really feeling it.

They didn't seem like legit attacks, but I'll be dawgawned if I didn't keep rolling off the front of the group.  

We came to what I call Heartbreak Hill.  It's a right hand sweeper that climbs up a bit.  There is always a stiff breeze from the left, resulting in a fight for the gutter...

... so, like any blind squirrel would, I pegged the gutter.

No room for drafting off me.

Sometimes I'm evil-crafty that way.

There's a shadow of a rider behind me.  I look back, it's Dave.  And, clawing his way on is Henry...

... I keep rolling.

We rotate a bit.

I look back again. 

Huge gap formed.  

We press on.

And on.


... the friggin' way

... to the line!

About 30 minutes, pegged. 

I've done that ride close to one million times and made the long, attacking break stick exactly zero times.

On the cool down, Justin asked me...

What's the name of that bike?

It's a BMC.

No, the name?

A Teammachine.

NO... the name you gave it.

Pure Energy!

I think it's fitting.

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