Better Than Most, Not As Good As Some

There used to be this guy on the air during my evening commute who I loved to listen to, he was really smart, really interesting and really polite to his callers.  We never learned his name because rumor had it that he’d “served time”.  HIs name was Mr. KFI, and his signature saying when asked how he was doing was “Better than most, not as good as some”.

If you take the time to get good at something, like bike riding, you’ll get results.  You’ll improve.  You’ll be better than you were last month, last year, last…

Not only that, you’ll be a lot better than almost every single person you know and every single person in your city, state, country and planet.

The bigger the pool the better you will be compared to most people.

The reverse is also true, and I’m going to see that first hand this weekend at Sea Otter.

One of the races I’m planning on is the road race, where the best climbers in my age group will show up.  It has a 2 mile uphill finish.  I’m not a great climber compared to these cats.  Bitching an moaning about that won’t make me any faster…

… but it might ruin my weekend, unless I remember …

I’m better than most, not as good as some.

sea otter