As The Wheel Turns – Leg 10 Vision Relay

Every team on course is struggling.  Dave Zabriski’s loaded team will win and finish 3 hours behind the course record.  We battle ourselves as much as the elements, but even a super challenging day will offer something to keep you going.

Mine comes at the top of Cedar Breaks and will end in Cedar City.

16.7 miles down.

4,000 feet below.

42.7 mph average.

52.3 mph max.


While I get settled, there is mutiny.

Everybody is exhausted, frustrated and tired.  Someone suggests we pull the plug.  Another seconds that emotion.  Soon guys are checking Uber – from UTAH!  Whimper whispers of protest, then surrender.

The sweat swirls the bottom of the soul trough, and then Nate to the rescue!  He plugs the hole.  “I did so much to get here, sacrificed more than I should have and we’ve all ridden our guts out! It’s been 30 hours, we’re seeing this through.”

Problem solved, will resolved… remembering what it takes to get here.

35 hours after we started, our last crew swings across the line.  The time expectations were far faster, and so were every other racers’.

The dinner talk is dominated by what we can do better next year.  Where should we start now?  Does it matter or is a rolling circus in a motorhome, mocking each other… feeding each other… just being kids the better goal?

Champions regroup, the wheels keep turning.