Are you insane?

Boys, are you insane*… really, are you content having Ford drill you into submission each week?

I’m not happy with that… so here’s what I’m doing:

I’ve hired Joe Friel (author of the Cyclist’s Training Bible and to come and speak to us.  And you my friends, committed studs that rip each other’s legs off each Tuesday, have a chance to hang out with Joe, too.

What could be cooler than kicking off the year with a genius?

So, here’s the nitty gritty… Not only do I want you to attend this event and learn a ton about haulin’ #$%, but I really need you to blast this out to all your fellow riders.  (Not just because I’m on the hook for a few grand)

Three reasons:

1.    You’ll get faster and have more fun.
2.    Your friends will be stoked for including them (trust me I had 3 sign up within 30 minutes of my email going out).
3.    We can do more fun stuff like this.

Shops are already kickin’ in gear for a solid raffle, and sponsors are kickin’ in a little product.  The more people we get, the better stuff we get.

If you choose not to join us, not a big deal.  We’ll still be friends… except you’ll be slower and poorer for missing out on a great learning opportunity.

Don’t be insane. Join us:

Positively!, tb

*insane: doing the same thing and expecting different results.