WHEN YOUR NEPHEW’S KID GIVES YOU KUDOS on Strava you know _____________.  Don’t say it.  Don’t even think how ancient…  Just relish how cool it is that a middle schooler is out riding and posting.  He’s pumped for the middle and high school MTB season which starts next month in UT.

Actually, that makes two surprise riders for the day.  Trevor Brown claims he’s ready to get fast again – CPA tests are over and passed… I’ll try not to jinx that by getting too geeked up.

But there’s more… how about all the dads and moms who hauled their kids out to OverTheHump all summer.  Amazing.

TMWC’s own Kevin rolled out to OTH and crushed all the pro’s and his teammate Andrew took 5th… they’re 16, and I personally know how involved their parents are… from motorpacing to independent study.

Some of these dads have seen their kids like Danielle and Mikael go on to race on premier college teams.

Some of these dads own bike shops, some feel like they do.

And no… it’s not just the dads.  The moms are there every pedal stroke of the way, even if they can’t help saying “be careful” every time the kid leaves to ride.  It’s a team effort.

Not every kid keeps riding.  Many of us have got ’em started, had fun and seen the kids go on to have other interests.

The memories will last forever.

Driving today, I popped into some AM radio on KFI and heard some pop psychology… “What was the happiest moment of your youth?”… silence… “I don’t know”… “Was any of it happy?”…

On Christmas, when I got a bike.

(Kevin started last, finished first)