LA VUELTA IS MY VERY MOST FAVORITEST grand tour of the year – always.  It’s 21 days, but it’s usually 21 chaotic days.  It may not have all the star appeal of Le Tour, but it always has future stars.  Do good at La Vuelta, you get a shot at the biggest races.  Most guys are a bit tired, but some have come off an early season crash and come in rested.

Mix all that up and you get unpredictable racing.

Sure Sir Froome is doing his best to feign drama, but in the end he’ll make it boring… the race for 1st.  Who cares though?

All those other cats are come bearing claws, showing fangs.

The tired, dangerous like the wounded animals they are.

The young, full of piss and vinegar.

The recovering, bleeding passion.

Spectacular mountain top finishes have riders throwing haymakers daily… including the toughest climb in Spain, the awesome and feared Angrilu.

watch video before bed, nightmares guaranteed