Al Ou Mini Um

Alouminium, Bob said.  What?  Al-ou-minium.  Huh?  Al-ou-minium… like the foil.  Oh, aluminum.  He’s English.  I’m ‘Merican.  Ever since then, when I say aluminum I pronounce it in my head alouminium… which is often now that I have an aluminum frame bicycle, again.

Cycling Tips‘ podcast covering frame stiffness is really interesting.  They put forth that the idea that rider’s bikes should ultimately be matched to their weight, power and fitness… that when you get it right it’s like when a boat planes across the water.

In the end, the consensus was that matching frame stiffness was far, far down the list of things to make you go faster.  Aero, comfort, weight, rolling resistance all outweighed stiffness.

Which brings me to the new ride… on paper it’s stiffer than carbon, but it doesn’t bother me.  It’s definitely more aero and faster than my old bike.  I’m not sure if it climbs better, too subjective of a measurement for me.

Any way, check out the podcast.