MY PAL JM HAS BEEN SLOWLY CARVING AWAY HIS PAST SINS, looking to release his inner Roglic.  It started with not even riding with us but just being on the course the same day.  The last few weeks he's been steady on the B... finishing higher and higher amongst the playahs.

Today... well, today he got faked into doing the A.

Apparently the Bs left early, and when he showed up he figured we were the Bs.

Well, we wound it up slow but kept winding and winding... and poor ol' JM is thinking... 

What are these guys doing on the B ride?  
Why is the B ride on fire today?
This really hurts.

And I'm thinking...

Dang JM is feeling pretty perky.
And pulling through like a boss.
This really hurts.

Of course all this was pieced together in the afterglow, when the endorphins have come and gone and all that's left is good laugh...

... because what's funnier than being faster than your pal who is just gonna kill ya in a couple of months?

Speaking of the next couple of months, we are now entering the shorter days.  Soon will be searching for our layers and there is no better tool for the job of keeping warm than the KOM jacket.


There are a number of reasons this is my go to layer:

  • It's wind and water resistant membrane keeps me dry and warm.
  • The fabric is super thing and the jacket will fit in my jersey pocket.
  • We call it the KOM because it's the perfect thing to pull out after a long climb and faced with a long decent.

If you're looking for just the perfect jacket... and you will be, tuck this promo code away... the code is TWOTAILS...

... but don't wait too long, this fabric is imported from Italy and we had a heck of a time securing a few rolls.

And you team racers... yes, we can make it in your colors.

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163.6 lbs
Stretch and Roll
7 hours sleep 


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