I SNAPPED OFF PRS YESTERDAY, HO-HUMISH.  It's pretty easy to do around here, where nearly every ride spouts countless segments.  Rarely is it worth the time it takes to investigate the digital trinkets.

The real PRs are legendary...

Like our local 9 mile, 3000' dirt climb up Harding Truck Trail.
Or the Alpine Loop in Utah
Or Mount Lemon in Tucson

Since there's no organized racing at the moment, and since 99% of Strava segments are plain silly, now is the time to lay hold on that elusive PR.

Is it an epic climb?
A pancakeflat TT?
The Everest Challenge?

Or, maybe it's just a ridiculous ride like the one I'm looking at, so far and hideous it'd never be done again... The surf of San Clemente to the peaks of Big Bear - A Surf N Summit?

With all the racing being shoved off to the fall, it's a good reminder that the only race that matters is the one against our 2nd best.

So what's it gonna be?
What are you going to go after?
What's gonna keep your fire stoked?

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