A Dam Fine Day

Vegas is hot.  Mike says it’s dry.  At 630, plenty hot.  Hell, it was hot last night when we pulled in at 1230.  We’re on our way to Moab, to race back to St George: The Vision Relay.  Before we get there, Chris insists we do the best ride in Vegas, the Hoover Dam.

It’s awesome, you ride your bike across the top with a handful of cars.  You’ll pass golden doors, stare down a million feet.  Check it out up close.  And, and you’ll see a road sign of unusual shape.

We hit Roberto’s for breakfast burritos and set course for St George, UT.  Get there, grab a motorhome, swing through Walmart, and we are on the road.

Motohoming is the best and Utah is greener than I’ve ever seen it.

In Moab, the rest of our 4 teams of 4 are eating Thai food.  Chad ordered Thai inspired steak fajitas, wish I’d done the same.  We make up for it with huckleberry ice cream in waffle cones.

Time for bed, for tomorrow we race.