5 easy tricks to a lean, mean racing machine

1.  Pick up a barbell that equals how much weight you want to lose.

Imagine tossing that overboard on your next climb, or hanging it in the back of your buddy’s jersey.

It’s a lot more than just the weight, it’s also all the resources that tissue is using – oxygen, nutrients, blood.  Think about that extra insulation on a hot day.

Getting your mind set on what that weight means is huge, and huge is not good.

2.  Weigh yourself daily.

Right after you get up, take care of business in the bathroom – pee, poop, cut your hair, trim your nails… get on the scale.

Look at that number.

If it’s higher than yesterday, what did you screw up on your diet?

If it’s lower than yesterday, what did you do right?

Track it daily in an app like Happy Scale.

You will know instantly what that milkshake at 9pm did to you.

3.  Do weight-based training… not weight training.

Climb hills often, and look at your times.

Do pull ups.

Thrashing your friends on a long, straight, slight down hill is not going to help.  Climbing with skinny guys helps.

Give your body reasons to be leaner.

4.  Eat real food, early.

Huge breakfast, good size lunch, puny dinner.

You know what eggs look like, steak looks like, tomatoes look like, bananas look like, avocados look like.

If you can’t identify the ingredients of what you are eating, it’s probably not real food.

Real Food + Real Early = Real Results

5.  Drink lots of water.

Most of the time you think you are hungry, you are really thirsty.

Drink early, and drink often, but don’t drink late in the day unless you want to get up all night.

Let’s set the table:  Chris Froome produces less power now than when he first joined the pro peloton.  Chris Froome demolishes the competition.  One reason (confirmable), he weighs 20 lbs less than he did in 2007.

…. now pass me the 85% dark chocolate.