4 Mistakes To Avoid When Ordering Custom Cycling Gear

Pedal Vest Art

Are these 4 Mistakes are costing you time and money?

1.  Bad art.  .jpg, .png, .doc, etc are not the formats your manufacturer needs or can ultimately use.  What you need is Vector Art, and those files are going to end with .ai or .pdf.  Note, saving a .jpg as .ai does not make it vector.  If you can’t get the original files then a good vendor will be able to help you turn your art to vector art, and most likely will give you a copy for future use.

2.  Bad color.  Saying we like a bright red is nice, but if you want your gear to have that red you must get in front of a PMS Chart and indicate the PMS color you want.  PMS is short for Pantone Matching System, and every printer in the world works from that system.  If you and I pick RED 186 from the chart for your color, then we’ll get you RED 186 on your gear.

3.  Bad budgeting.  Know what you can afford and go get the best possible gear you can get for your money.  Asking “how cheap can I get a jersey” is not the way to go.  Stating I have $X, what’s the best product you have if we order quantity X is the way to get the most bang for your buck.

4.  Bad vendor selection.  Websites are a great way to find vendors, and there are lots of brilliant ads you see for gear.  But, you should always get referrals from current customers and test the gear yourself.

Custom cycling gear is expensive.  Whether you are buying cycling jerseys for the company to wear at a gran fondo, or a custom canopy to gather under, or custom cycling socks to kick around on and off the bike being prepared will make that purchase go much smoother and come out a lot better.

Vector Art. Check.

PMS Colors. Check.

Budget. Check.

Referrals. Check.