San Juan Hills HS 2022 RACEDAY™ CALENDAR

San Juan Hills HS 2022 RACEDAY™ CALENDAR

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Finally, a GIANT wall calendar just for racers like us!

One place to see the entire year's events.

  • Weeks are set up Monday- Sunday, because the weekends matter to us.
  • Large area on top for top annual objectives
  • Weekends and Holidays are highlighted as well as the time changes
  • Plenty of space at the to bottom for detailing your vision for the year.


27.5" Wide X 48" Tall.

What's it made out of?

We are using the same durable fabric we use in our RaceDay Bags™.  This will create an enduring record of what you planned and accomplished each year.

Can I get them in my team colors?

Abosutely.  Click Here

Need coaching on planning your calendar?  It's coming.