BP ASKED THIS POIGNANT QUESTION ON LAP 2 OF 4 THIS EVENINGS HOT LAPS.  Why are we doing to more laps?  TBH, sometimes I think of my extended family who are disabled for various reasons.  The assortment of canes and walkers assisting their courageous efforts...

... some have had these challenges since childhood.

My answer to my young padawan?  I could have quipped a sassy retort if I wasn't breathing so dern hard.  It went like this...

Why are we doing 2 more laps?

Because... we... can.

Upon return I uploaded and entered the Stravaverse and what did I discover to my surprise and delight?  A PR on the 4th lap, actually a bigboy #2 cup, which reminded me of the earlier conversation and what I should have said...

Why are we doing 2 more laps?

Because... we... can... get faster!

Which is why once we've taken care of our responsibilities we gotta ride.

If you've never tried one of our t's I promise you they are soft and get softer the more you wear them.  

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8 hrs 
Gym work in the morning

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