YOUR RIDE IS READY TO VIEW.  These six words, they should have been three.  Nevertheless, they are a signal to our brains that there is a feast of data waiting to be devoured.  Which begs the question...

... should I get out of my sweaty clothes first?

Yes, ya dummy!... but sometimes I'm just too curious to see how my perception of things stacks up with the Stravaverse.

Yesterday was a perfect example of feeling like it wasn't outrageously hard then looking at the data and realizing we were actually clicking right along.

Which begs the Why questions...

  • What was different?
  • Tire pressure?
  • Sleep?
  • Weight?
  • Food?
  • Fluids?
  • Weather?
  • Faster riders?

Ask the right questions.  Get the correct answers.  Go faster.

This sport...

... it has me endlessly fascinated.

Take fluids.

How much should we drink?  How often?  After reading Waterlogged I started drinking according to my thirst vs forcing a certain amount of ounces per hour.

Whatever your strategy, ain't it nice to have new bottles?


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