THIS WEEK "YOUNG KEVIN" SHOWED UP FOR THE TMWC.  We used to have an Old Kevin, but he got too old.  Anyway, Young Kevin came out for the TMWC.  The TMWC, if ya don't know, is our tongue in cheek Tuesday Morning World Championships.  Kevin was our unOFFICIAL TMWC Champ in '16, when he was even younger. 

Five days earlier Young Kevin was racing the real World Championships in Austria!... where he finished 8th in the entire world of hot shot boy racers under 18 years old.  8th, out of the hundred plus that were invited and the thousands who tried to get there.  Our Young Kevin is among the very best in the world.

Which made today really cool.
And yes, he beat us all...
Welcome back Champ!


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