I HAVE THIS FRIEND, I shall call him by his real name because he deserves to be shamed.  Who knows... maybe he'll quit texting me and do something with his life.

Jeff texts or calls me every couple of months.

It always starts out the same.

Hey man, what's up?

Just doing my thing.

Check out this bike.

The first time he did this... let me interject, I once loaned him a bike for over a year... I thought he was finally gonna do it.  Actually plunk down the bones.  We looked at a lot of bikes.

Anyway fast forward 10 years... he pulls it on me again yesterday. 

Yes!, at least 10 years!!

Can you imagine not riding for 10 years, just talking about.  Thinking about it.  For what?  To save a couple some bucks?

Bikes are so good now, you can easily get 5 year of top performance out of a proper bike.  10 or more if you're not racing.

So Jeff... Jeff, Jeff, Jeff...

If you spent $5000 on a really, really nice race bike.  And rode it for 10 years. It would cost you $0.73 per day. 

Seventy-three cents a day, Jeff!...

... 73 pennies a day for more fun than any amusement park, wonderful health, and terrific friendships with people like me.

But, not me.

Not now.

Don't you dare text or call me or lead me on one more time Jeffrey Chavez!

I don't want to see or hear you until you ride up on 2 wheels of our own.

Ya hear?!

Phew... that felt good.  

You know what else feels good? 

The secure feeling of knowing there is nowayinheck your wallet is gonna fall out of your jersey...
The reminder that yes you are a badassbikerider every time you grab your wallet...

... you can only get that with incredible, the oneofakind RaceDay wallet.

I came up with it for one of our local rides called Swami's Wednesday Worlds.  A ride of the most ferocious kind.  The kind Jeff will never be on because Jeff is all talk... but the kind you might be on if you ever come visit.  And if you do, you'll need our I.D.

Use promo code: JEFFISCHEAP

Or if you're in the PEDALposse use your personal code.


165.6 lbs 
Stretch and roll
7.5 hours sleep