THERE ARE A COUPLE OF HOTROD SHOPS NEAR THE PEDALindustries EXPERIENCE.  The regular, deep V8 rumble is part of the scene down here... with a fair amount of clutch popping and rubber burning at the end of the day.

It's the perfect music as we gear up to ride.

Which brings up the shifter question every racer has to answer...

... not mechanical vs electric, not wire vs wireless...

... those are easy questions.  Well, not that easy when you're plunking down a chunk of green.  But those questions, are answered once.  Then, it's run what ya brung.

No, the bigger question is why it's so easy sometimes to shift into high gear and other times no amount of grinding 'em will help ya find 'em.

Ya know what I mean?

Last week on the big climb when the shift started coming down, I did just that and hung my head in shame for a week.

This week, same dawgawn climb and same shifty feeling in my legs but my soul had fire, passion, power and that final 200 meters was shifting up, standing up, and putting that shift behind me.

What's the diff?

Why the shift up 'steadda down?

The Seals say Embrace the suck!

Forever more I shall...

Embrace the shift!

And as we head into a brutal heatwave this weekend y'all probably think I'm cacrazy for encouraging you to order the incredible KOM jacket.  But, trust me it'll pass and the leaves will change and you'll be wanting this gem and we don't keep much inventory which means ya might have to wait a few weeks and that would be a drag when you coulda grabbed one now with this top secret code.

There are a number of reasons this is my go to layer:

  • It's wind and water resistant membrane keeps me dry and warm.
  • The fabric is super thing and the jacket will fit in my jersey pocket.
  • We call it the KOM because it's the perfect thing to pull out after a long climb and faced with a long decent.

If you're looking for just the perfect jacket... and you will be, tuck this promo code away... the code is TWOTAILS...

... but don't wait too long, this fabric is imported from Italy and we had a heck of a time securing a few rolls.

And you team racers... yes, we can make it in your colors.

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