YOU CAN SURVIVE WITHOUT A PELOTON, BUT YOU CANNOT THRIVE WITHOUT ONE... no this is not a ringing endorsement for fancy spin classes on a stationary bike...

... if anything it's a tangential rant. 

What I'm talking about Fred is,
the peloton,
the guys,
the crew...
... the posse.

I can survive just fine riding alone, or even one a themthere zwiftoton thingies.  Okay, TBH, it'll be a hot day in Antartica before I zwiftoton... but I know for a lot of peeps they're a godsend... so, for me personally, I can survive just fine riding alone...

... but I can't thrive riding alone.

I need my posse.

I need to meet up with the fellas and the ladies.

Whether it's a fake social ride like the Tuesday Morning World Championships where legs are casually ripped off and tossed into the burning fire or a social adventure like DRTY WDNSDY or an actual conversational pace like EasyPeasyThursdee...

... we can't truly thrive without those that push us and pull us and love us.

Speaking of love, don't you just love having an ace up your sleeve?  You know, some secret weapon to spring on your posse.

It's impossible to hide a serious upgrade like a new BMC bicycle.

Nearly as difficult to disguise a game changing set of ENVE wheels.

But, for just a few bucks you can massively upgrade your legs. 

I'm actually surprised how many people have yet to rub on this magic elixir.  My friend SuperDave let me in on this secret.  I ran it by Coach Brian who said...

... Dude, I applied it twice every morning during the Tour of Utah and again each evening before I went to sleep.

... which I did myself the morning I broke my PR at Leadville in 2019.

One cat who is definitely in the know, John J, purchased 4 bottles yesterday.  4, like four.  You think he knows something you don't?

Yes, we ship it for free... and yes, you should use this promo code:



162.9 lbs - paddle
8 hours sleep - ride