AS THE GREAT TOM PETTY TOLD IT, I won't back down... You can stand me up at the gates of hell, but I won't back down.  Yep, that song makes The Old Diesel's race pump mix...

... never was it more hellacious than last Saturday's Cactus Cup.

The Ol' Wahoo read 107.

That was only part of the reason we got whacked as a collective group.  Not even the main reason.  It might have been inevitable, but the following reasons did not help.

  • Course knowledge.  The course wasn't technical, but there were hundreds of turns where seconds could be lost.  300 turns X 2 seconds = 10 minutes.  That's extremely hard to make up.
  • Terrain prep.  There are no big climbs, and, therefore, no long descents to rest.  We aren't used to that... races around here have 5,10, 20+ minutes climbs.  It's a different kind of effort and it hurt in an unaccustomed way.
  • Kitty litter on concrete is how the locals describe the surface of sand and decomposed granite.  We are use to dry, slippery conditions out here... if you're coming from afar, beware.

Yeah, we are looking forward to returning in March better prepared. 


But, the big, big, big question is...

... would you, my finefastfriend, dig it if I put together a video on how to attack this race or any other race?

Course and terrain insights, bike set up, lines to take, food strategies, crew tips, etc.

I put this way down here at the bottom because I really want to hear from the true racers.  

That's you right?

If it is then at some point you'll be looking for a truly fine racing machine.  I can tell you right now, my BMC 4 Stroke is by far that best XC bike I've ever ridden or raced... but, why when you probably already know that same bike took 1st and 3rd at World's a few days back.

Sure it looks tame here... because you can't see the proprietary hiddendropper post, can't appreciate the perfect head angle, can't feel the whippiness of the stiff and light frame.

Which is why I included this pic. 

I'm going about 20 miles per hour, totally confident, not caring at all about that babyhead my front tire is squashing, 1 finger on each brake lever, saddle dropped, just lettin' it blast right through the gates of hell.

You may be asking yourself...

Damn that bike looks awesome I wonder if PEDALindustries is carrying all the BMC bikes?

And the answer is Hellyeah!

Let me know what you're looking for and I'll let you know price and availability.

PS... ya really oughta join the PEDALposse first:


160.8 lbs
PushUps and PullUps
7 hrs

... still reading?  It's Saturday, get out and ride! : )