IF YOU WANT TO UP YOUR CUTTHROATNESS, cue up F1: The Drive To Survive on Netflix.  It's got racing, it's got drama... and best of all, it's an inside view to what it takes not just to make the team, to win a race, but how you keep you job.

The big AHHA for me was this... every team has 2 drivers, in identical cars.

You know why?

Because the fastest of the 2 is going to keep his job.


Imagine starting every training ride, testing all your equipment, knowing your training partner is doing all she can to beat you... even at the races.

We kind of see it in the highest levels of road racing:  Froome v Wiggins, Movistar's 3 headed monster, LeMond v Hinault etc. 

Tonight, while your doing your pushups or pullups or yoga and getting all fired up watching Netflix' F1...

... who are you planning to slay tomorrow comehellorhighwater?

If you're a killer or feel like it sometimes, this might be the kit for you

It's our Speed Jersey Short Sleeve because... SPEED!

And, our Pro Bib because... PRO!

I know those are simplistic, hyperbolic reasons... so let me add all the fabrics are the finest Italy makes, and Italy makes the best.

The sleeves and legs are finished with a wide, comfortable gripper that holds the fabric perfectly in place.

The pad in the bib is rated for racing all day.  It's high-density, which means it doesn't feel like an adult diaper and it won't put your special purpose to sleep.

This code will expire soon:  F1KILLER 


163.2 lbs 
7.5 hours sleep

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