ONE OF MY FAVORITE TWEETERS DISCOVERED PELOTAUNT.  He thinks he's a bike racer now.  I'll let that slide for the moment for the simple reason that he was going off on Zone 2 training today...

... and how it burns fat better than anything else. 

Further, he shared a very deep dive into Zone 2 by Dr. Peter Attia, also notabikeracer, who has done exceptional research in this area...

... but, that's not why I ride Zone 2.

At least not the fat burning part...

... I ride Zone 2 for the mitochondrial part.

That's the part that builds our aerobic capacity.  Our engine.  Our big, throaty V-8s that carry us on our own personal victories.

Just do a search on Zone 2 if this is new,

If it's old hat, consider this...

... could more Zone 2 be helpful?

Speaking of helpful, you might appreciate this recommendation regarding tubeless 28s for road.

I started riding them instead of Continentals about 6 months ago.  I love 'em.  They are quieter, ride smoother and seem to hold up really well.

Plus... drumroll... they are in stock.

After that I started riding the Pirelli gravel tire.  In my opinion, there's nothing faster on the road or dirt.

I know it's not the deepest tread, but I'm only running 28-30 lbs in 'em.  The hook up plenty good.  Their only fault, and I'd say it's only a fault if you're really on the slicing edge of corning is you really have to lean them over to get the edge to grab.  But, if you've got the skills they hold plenty fine.

If you're down to try them out...

... I'm down to share this code with you:  ZONE2

Use it and you'll save 20%, just because I really want you to try 'em out.


166.2 lbs
Hypervolt and Stretch
8 hrs sleep