BE CAREFUL, IT'S WET OUT THERE! said the voice in my head.

It's hard to shed the mom's voice... at any age.

But, it wasn't in my head...

... her concerned pronouncement shrieked down from her room... in our home.

Shyte!... next thing I knew I was wondering if my jersey matched my bib and if I needed to get her permission to be home late after playing at the office all day.

... and worst thing is...  she's going to read this between now and the time I get home from tomorrow's ride.  She reads them all.  She's my No. 1 fan for heck's sake.

I'm doomed.

Which only means I'm going to ride even crazier, and be home later.

Just kidding, because...

Our daughter also has a room at our AirBNB... which she will be vacating at approximately 2pm to drive back to school - 2 states away.

... ya know what I'm gonna say...

Be careful... blah, blah, blah.


Can't wait to load up my new Wild Child RaceDay bag... they're in production now.


It's gonna go perfect with the kit... and I don't even need my mama to help me pick it out.




165 lbs 
20 pull ups/60 push ups
8 hours sleep

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