WILL POWER IS LIMITED... It's a lot like a sprint.  Everybody can go all out for 2 seconds, some for 10 seconds, others for 30 seconds, a handful for a minute.  But eventually, that will power is gone and so are all our plans for victory.

Finding the peanut butter cups in the cupboard today was a sign.  A sign that I know my weakness, and Surfergirl's hiding skills need sharpening.

Hiding my kryptonite isn't the only thing I do.

I prep my clothes and bottles and lights and bike the night before, knowing this will eliminate the magnetic pull of my blanky when it's dark and cold and early.

I commit to the crew that I'll be on the corner at 5:50am, knowing how fun it is to ride with them... and the shame of sleeping in.

I put the pull up bar in the bathroom door jam instead of out in the garage - she's not thrilled with this.

The weights and Bosu ball are in the family room where calling to me - also not popular.

Going to the front of the group ride repeatedly until I blow ain't fun, but it's the only way I can do intervals... I have zero interest in doing them alone.

What are your tricks?


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