I JUST FINISHED READING WHY WE SLEEP.  Mike said I'd be an evangelist for the book's message, and boy was he right.

Check out what happens when we get less than 8 hours of sleep:

Time to physical exhaustion drops by 10-30%
Aerobic output is significantly reduced
Faster rates of lactic acid build up
Reductions in blood oxygen saturation
Impairment of the body to cool itself through sweating
Weight gain through loss of hunger control
100% increase in risk of injury

... and that's just the athletic stuff, there's a whole bunch more... but, who cares about a complete and well rounded life?

Personally, I think the main thing I need to do is start my shut down sequence earlier... you know, the binge watching stretching session. 

I say that because I'm a morning person (that's a real thing) and it's hard for me to sleep in.

I'm gonna get up.

To ride or get to workin'

I need every edge I can get, and sleep is free!

I'd like to write a log more, but I gotta hit the hay.

Quick word... if you're jet lagged or over 50ish, melatonin is a great at kicking our brains into gotosleep mode.

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166.2 lbs 
0 pull ups/0 push ups
8 hrs sleep 
2 mile walk on beach

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