WE'RE STAGING RACING THIS WEEKEND.  3 days in Aridzona, Fri-Sun.  A TT, an XC, and an Enduro.  Something for everyone.  But this is better than a pro road stage race...

... or even an amateur one with a team. 

Because it's MTB.  There isn't really any teamwork to be done.  No drafting, no leading out.  No pacing back to the front.  So, it's way better in the sense we can all battle for our own results each day.

That's the first thing that's better about MTB stage racing - fighting our individual battles.

However, it's the second thing about stage racing, in general, that I enjoy the most.

Piling in a couple of cars,
Buzzing gas stations and fastfood joints,
Taking over a rented house in a new town,
Geeking out over course maps and last minute gear choices,

Rolling up to the start line with the posse,
Racing our guts out,
Licking our wounds that night,
... and doing it all over again the next day.

That's why stage racing rules.  The camaraderie.  The getting away... whether camping like tonight, hoteling it, or VRBO.

Pull up your race calendars, look for a stage race.  You might have to look out of state.  We are in AZ for Cactus Cup, then I'm planning on Leadville Stage Race in CO, and finally Sea Otter in NorCal in October.  Sea Otter isn't a stage race, but it is a bunch of races spread out over a 5 day weekend.

Find a few and see if one fits in with the other parts of life.  If it does... by all means make it happen!

The best way to do that is write it down in Sharpie on one of these giant calendars.

We added more designs.


Click on these images to check 'em out.

For a few bucks you can have a super rad calendar - either one of these stock designs or with your team graphics and dates important to your team highlighted.

$30. Delivered.



Stretch and HyperVolt
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