LAST NIGHT I PATIENTLY WAITED TO TURN LEFT IN MY CAR.  The light turned green, I looked left and eased off the brakes rolling forward... I looked left again and hit the brakes!

A truck traveling about 50mph blazed through the red.... probably would have killed me...

... if I didn't have the bike racing superpower.

But, I do.

And so do you!

We all have Cyclngsense,
it's our version of Spidersense.

We use it all the time, every ride.

The more we ride, the stronger it gets.

The experienced rider rarely flats, new guy flats all the time.


New gal struggles on a trail, experienced gal attacks it with glee.


Driving experiences like mine above happen all the time, our Cyclingsense is so attuned we often don't even recognize it.

Same with sports, we quickly pick up any motion sport... our fitness, our developed peripheral vision, our Cyclingsense making it easy.

Socially too.  We casually strike up a conversation with a fellow rider and our Cyclingsense quickly evaluates friend or foe.

Because 99% of drivers lack Cyclingsense, I ride with blinking lights day and night.

I love the little Knog lights,
330 degrees of retinasearing power.

It's like giving Cyclingsense to the drivers.  

And isn't that a gem of an idea?

If you don't have daytime blinkies get these.
They're lite and aero.

  Use promocode -> KNOGCyclingSense <- to save 20%

... this code will expire within 48 hours.


165.2 lbs 
200 push ups
7.5 hours sleep
no ride today : (

TODD brown      888-308-0005      PEDALindustries

We specialize in custom gear - No minimums – 3 to 4 weeks production time.


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