I LOVE ALL KINDS OF RACING.  Bikes for sure, and cars and motos and skateboards and paddleboards and running and skipping and... But, when it comes to bicycle racing there's something about mountain bike racing...

... because of something it lacks.

It's unlike road racing, and though I've only dipped my cleat in gravel racing I'd say it leans more toward road than MTB.

The reason I like MTB so much is at the end of the race.

Not the finish line.

I mean, generally, the races are so damned hard the finish line is a very welcome site.

But the thing I really like is seeing the placings...

... and the times.

You see, in a road race a breakaway can get on up the road and put big chunks of time into the group.  So when you look at the placings things are distorted.  Unlike MTB, where the placings so obviously point out the truth.

The reason for that, of course, is there is very little to no drafting on the MTB.  It's much more mano a mano. You either have the goods or you don't.

Which brings me back to the placings, and what I like.

I like to look at those final times and see the guys who trounced me, and see the time gaps... because I'll go away, like today, and think to myself...

... sure as helk I can close those 2 minutes and get my arse up a couple of placings.

Now you might be thinking Wait a minute Diesel, that could be done in a road time trial as well.. But, you'd be mostly wrong.

You see, in a road time trial... well, yes, you can improve... but not like you can MTB racing.  

There are many more places to improve in MTB racing, mostly in this order:

  • The start, from a good spot on the grid to holding max effort well into the first singletrack.
  • Handling skills can be dramatically improved simply riding the MTB a lot more, over a lot more challenging terrain.
  • Because the MTB requires so much more upper body strength, regular pull ups and push ups and core work can make those final laps much faster.
  • Bike set up, sure road has position and aeroness and tire pressure... but, MTB has those plus suspension and dropper posts

I could go on... but, the point is... making 5%, even 10%, gains, is a real possibility on MTB which is why those placings and seeing the fellas just a few minutes a head is a helluva motivator...

... and yes, after today's beat down The Old Diesel is plenty motivated.  

I bet I'm not alone.

A couple of more things about today:

  • Victor is putting on a dandy race series this winter:  excellent course, live timing, good sound system.  Really pro.
  • I realized we are actually a well-known brand now:  multiple people came up and thanked me for our RaceDay Bags™ and Changing Ponchos and bygolly that makes me happy.
  • I was determined to get at least 3 hours in today, so I rode near home this morning, got in a giant warm up for the race, raced hard, then went out with Coach Brian and his little boy for our cool down.  Honestly, I can't tell if the extra morning ride or super long warm up helped or hindered.  I felt pretty darn good.
  • I saw a bunch of my friends, which always makes it fun.

My legs felt great due to the PR Lotion, and my special purpose did too thanks to DZ Nuts.

Ya really don't want to chances with either of those areas when racing hard, and facing a long drive home afterwards.  


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7.5 hours sleep