WHO'S GONNA WIN TONIGHT?  That's the question on everyone's mind.  Me?  You?  That girl?  Someone new?  Same old crew? Who, who, who?

Someone will win.

How will you handle it?  Congratulatory?  Puffed up in pride?  Humbly?

Does everyone else lose?

What about the first time racer that finished in last place? 

The guy who started the season 10 lbs heavier? 

The lady who PR'd the terrifying decent? 

The parents who got to bring the kids made it a family outing? 

The promoter who covered her nut and a little more? 

The boy who met the girl of his dreams?  

The vendor who delighted a new customer?

The charity who rallied a slew of evangelists?

What about you,
how'd you do?

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