AT SOME POINT YOU'RE GONNA BE LEADING.  Not leading the race, but leading humans.  You have been, are and/or will be leading.  Being the person people look up to aint easy, if it was everybody would do it.  You will do it, because you have to.  Because something inside is telling you to stand up and make a difference.

Whether it's putting together a birthday ride for a friend or a skills clinic for new riders or giant charity ride you're going to do it and your "name" is gonna be on it.  Most people will have a blast and not say a word, a handful will gripe.  It's up to you who you want to listen to and how you want to react.  I know you're going to do your best and that's all you can do.

So do it.

... the preceding was on my mind today as I came upon a bike trail washed out by giant surf.  I thought Who moved my trail? which made me think of the book I have yet to read Who moved my cheese? I don't know what that book is about, but I imagined it was about talking responsibility for one's own actions and for deciding to lead and to make a difference and to keep inviting people to get out and ride their bikes and I wondered if the headlining suicides of my generation would have been avoided if a little more bike riding was done, if a little more leading were on the menu and I resolved to up my game.

Do it, now.
Hung on his wall.
Let's get busy,
and give our all.

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