FUNNY HAIR, LOWERED BITURBO MERC 450.  I'm thinking, look at this young kid.  He gets out, grabs a coffee and sits next to me.

How's that car?

Amazing, it's my first major purchase.  


2016, I wanted it for year.  When I scored a big part I went for it.


Right then, I knew this was going to be more than a casual convo.  This kid had cracked the code at a young age.

Turns out he learned the hotel management biz, wound up in Thailand for a year building and managing a 5-Star hotel before returning stateside to pursue acting.

I love traveling.

The world has much to offer.

That year in Thailand changed my life.  We have incredible opportunity and bounty.  They make $10/day.

What's next?

I want to score 1 big part, use that to travel the world's coffee shops and come back and build a shop with the best coffees in the world.

 Yep, he's cracked the code alright. 

It's the same code we use to shred singletrack, focusing only on the trail and none of the dangers or obstacles.

Which is why this is part of the PEDALposse mantra...

I look only where I want to go, and move as if I'm already there.

One of the joys of riding alone is the people we meet along the way, riding or not...

... funny thing is there's usually a riding connection.  Turns out Austin Klenk's mom is an avid mountain biker.


I wanted to tell Austin about how much his mom would love a RaceDay Bag™, but I figured we'll be meeting again when he's in town next...

... would be fun to make her a custom bag.  Is there a better gift for bike riders and racers?


If you want to save 25%, you gotta join the PEDALposse.


We all make a of choices along the ride through life, the secret is to keep moving towards what we want.  The perspective isn't quite right, but I had a choice to make here both trails are rippers.  I chose left.

Rode with the characters for the first 90 minutes.


8 hrs 
11 Pull Ups 22 Pushups

Ride with us: https://www.strava.com/clubs/pedalindustries