THE BEST PART ABOUT THE KID IS HIS ENTHUSIASM.  Frankly, that's the best part about all my riding buddies:  EN-THUS-EEEEASM!  It's a greek word meaning "possession by a god", and there's one thing for sure... we are all part of the cult of two wheels.  It's more than hooked, more than into it, we are religious in our observance of daily practice.

Like any recent convert the kid is on fire and you know what the say... people will come from miles around to watch a man burn.  I predict he'll bring a ton of kids into the fold.

Like any old diesel, I'm willing to share all I know.  So when I got this text after this morning's TMWC ...

I had a to share what another old diesel told me early on...

It really is the best advice I ever got from a salty old man in his mid-30s.  Not only does it take 3 years to figure it, but... in three years you can actually mold yourself into a different kind of cyclist.

At some point I'm gonna encourage the kid to shave his legs.  NOT because it makes you faster, not because it's pretty, but at some point his skills are going to be on par with is fire... until then, that hair is a good signal to the initiated that he deserves a little extra space and tender loving care.

He's new.
Be patient with him.
He's the future.
Teach him. 


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