NBA SUPERSTAR REGGIE MILLER IS PART OF OUR LOCAL MOUNTAIN BIKE SCENE.  Racing.  Putting up prize money. Buying RaceDay Bags™ for his team, Boombaby.  When he commented on a video I posted on the Instagram today...

... then, and only then, was I sure we were onto something.

But, let me give you some background.

Lately, I've realized just how useless I've become.  Having tacked a bike shop on to our online empire, staffed with a pro mechanic named The Wrench to bail me out regularly, has only made my uselessness more useless.

It's embarrassing.

We, me for sure, oughtta be able to fix our bikes.  Because if we can't fix our own bikes how the helk are we gonna help anybody else roadside, trailside or gravelside?

I was thinking all that when it me...

Fix a man's bike and he can ride for a day,
Teach a man to fix his bike and he can ride forever.

So, I walked around the corner and shot impromtu this video

 Which I posted and which the great Reggie Miller commented That's actually TRUE...

So count me in as a dude who is recommitted to becoming a kickarse garage mechanic.

And why not?

It's a helluva a lot better than HuluFlix.

How am I gonna do it?  The same way you can. 

Next time I need some work done I'm going to schedule Chris and let him know I want to watch and learn.  Easy enough.


I'm also going to get a good set of tools for home that I can travel with.

In the meantime, I'll keep my hands protected with the most awesomest, lightest, airiest race gloves ever...

... and my feet cozy in our socks knitted in these united states using EZ Breathe Yarns and FastMax compression technology.


And I highly encourage you do the same.  With this BuyOneGetOne promo code - > REGGIE

Now if you're thinking it's too cold for the superlight awesome stuff... the weather is going to be perfect before you know it, and won't new gloves and socks be a joy to pull on when it's time?

A scant $25 will get you the gloves and the socks, shipping is free.



28 PullUps 56 PushUps 
8 solid hours sleep
no ride - boohoo