Whatever your motivation for bike riding,
you don't need anyone to tell you to do it.
You have a mission,
and you're going to complete it,
all on your own.
The mission is your boss,
What's your mission?
Adam Grant is a professor and author I enjoy learning from.  He recently launched a podcast where he discusses his ideas.  The 4th episode is called A World Without Bosses.  Part of the research for this episode involved the largest tomato processing plant - I think in the world - where there are no bosses.  The company is called Morningstar.
Digging into the details of how a company with thousands of employees operates without a boss was captivating.  In a nutshell, you have a mission... say pack tomatoes.  Everybody needs you to be good at that so they can get on with their mission.  If you aren't hacking it, someone might call you out... invite you to leave the company, or get more training, etc.  The employees govern themselves on the simple principle of the mission is the boss.
Thinking of that in work terms can be foreign and clunky, but when I think of it in terms of something I'm passionate about it's quite easy to see the brilliance of this management system... fortunately, I'm on a mission here too.
Now, go ride your bike!

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