BY TODD BROWN | PEDAL industries

January 2nd, 2018

AS NEWS SPREADS AROUND THE WORLD OF CHRIS FROOME'S MASSIVE OVER THE LIMIT TEST RESULTS OF THE DRUG SALBUTOMOL, fans and haters alike want to know where is his race bag and what does he keep in it?

We took extraordinary results to contact the Froome/SKY media machine and we received the following statement.

  The contents of Mr. Froome's bag are classified.  Our team of professionals as well as Mr Froome himself are in complete control of what goes in the bag and what comes out of the bag.

  However, there are times when all of us forget what we need to pack and so we are researching the market place for a new bag for race day.

Upon reading such news, this reporter selfishly, self-servingly and shamelessly shares the following link -> https://pedalindustries.com/pages/raceday-bags.

Like all cycling clubs and teams, Team SKY is highly encouraged to send their artwork to PEDAL Industries in for a free mock up of a RaceDay Bag (tm).  Upon doing so, Team SKY and Mr. Froome would see that each pocket of the bag is clearly labeled thereby averting a disaster the likes of these professionals now face.

Rumor has it many teams even get their first bag free.

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